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Actual industrial production process needs of complex equipments and operations. 

Frequently manifactures are in front of undetected problems that affect product yield and quality.

Various FDC (fault detection and classification) application softwares enables manufacturing staff to monitor production and equipment failures. Basic condition to get the maxinum performance from these softwares is to manage high quality data from the sensors installed into the tools. 

Sensor Connectivity allows a step forward to expand the actual capabilities to the definition of Tool Integration Platform making available a real unified sensors interface. Our aim is a definitive hardware that can offer to any FDC softwares the right integration to meet high quality data demand and treatment. 

Sensor Connectivity can acquire any kind of data from every sensors/tools and if required control its using for example electronics analog and digital signals, digital communications protocols like the serial RS232/422/485 and so on, it can treat acquired data and make it available on TCP/IP (with standard protocols). Sensor Connectivity it's a modular system without any hardware and software limitation, if required our team can develop costumized smart modules and software to meet any data acquiring integration system and sensors/tools control. Sensor Connectivity can be considered the definitive hardware and solid investment in the meaning of cost saving